Hometown Bank

Bay Federal Credit Union was the first Kentico 13 MVC site I had the pleasure of building. As with all banks, I focused on accessibility, UI/UX design, and modernizing their look with larger images, cleaner tables, and in this case, rounded corners. Since this site was built as an MVC site, I also worked with a back-end developer to design the components of the site that the client can utilize to build pages with. This involved building our main components with HTML and CSS, and then building in various options that our client could modify and lots of testing to ensure all of the options made sense and didn’t have any conflicts. Once the pieces were initially developed, I was able to use Visual Studio Code coupled with Git Labs to add options and fix any bugs or modify any design suggestions the client made.

Another feature of this site is the integration of the Google Maps API with the locations page. I was able to work with our team to combine the Javascript of the Google Maps API with dynamic locations added by the client through the CMS to populate both the map and the on page location Schema. The map is also capable of detecting the user’s location and displaying the locations nearest them if they have location tracking enabled on their device. Otherwise a user can search by zipcode and distance to get the same results.

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