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ABCDNJ is a site designed to help connect community providers with citizens who have disabilities in the state of New Jersey. The target audience is ultimately those community providers who can become members of ABCDNJ and, in turn, help provide resources and create policies for the betterment of disabled individuals. Because of the nature of the website, extra care was taken to incorporate accessibility standards at the time of design and embed the UserWay button so individuals can customize the site to their needs on the fly.

The largest development piece of this site included 2 vacancy lists. The members-only side contains a form that allows members to upload their openings by county and list a contact with some basic services or restrictions. All submissions can be fully managed by the members from their portal with no need to access the actual admin side of the website. Their submissions populate the database that 2 forms on the front end can search for matching requirements and check for any vacancies in the searcher’s counties of choice. This whole system required PHP coding and creating forms and data interactions with the tools provided by the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. I frequently develop systems with the ACF plugin as a basis for creating custom post types and their fields within the WordPress environment to make editing easier for my clients.

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