web developer by day, digital media creator by night.

Web Developer by day, Digital Media creator by night.

I have a wide range of digital skills that encompass several mediums and I enjoy working in every single one of them. My degree is a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic and Interactive design, and that degree allowed me to dabble in 2D animation and video editing, while specializing in Web Design. My first professional experience led me deeper into web development, coding and designing emails, and eventually building a brand new website for a single company on HTML5 and the Foundation Framework. Their site interacted with a Ruby on Rails Database which I was able to have some base access to via command line.

I then worked for a marketing company where I learned a lot about the world of WordPress. I designed and maintained sites for businesses across many professions. In the course of 6 years I built, renovated, and launched over 50 websites. Several of those were customized WooCommerce sites, several also had third party integrations with existing systems. I’ve also had the opportunity to build a handful of Shopify sites as well. I am very passionate about building custom solutions for unique projects. One such project incorporated a free form plugin with a paid invoice system. These two systems were highly customized and the result gets pushed with Zapier to a Google Calendar.

Currently I take my design and WordPress skills to the next level working on highly-secure, ADA-compliant bank websites with an amazing team. I have also worked with clients building new sites in Kentico’s Portal and MVC environments.

I am always eager to jump into something new, keep up with technology, and just keep learning. I feel very comfortable coding in HTML, CSS, and PHP. I am getting better every day with jQuery and Javascript, always able to make it work for me when I have a need. I’m no stranger to researching and troubleshooting any issues I come across and being organized is one of my strong suits. Art is not limited to digital means either! Drawing, cross stitching, and dancing are all things you might find me doing outside of work. I also consider myself an amateur photographer and love taking photos of my experiences traveling the country in my RV.

Ashley does yoga in Dallas, TX
Flowers in headlights at night photograph
Digital drawing of a bridge in Georgia
Smoky Mountain Panorama View